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Welcome to Jiang International Hotel

Our hotel covers an area of 30 mus and its floor area is 48 thousand square meters. It has over 200 green garden type parking spaces. As for the interior, we use the world-class luxury brand sanitary ware “Duravit” and one of the world’s three biggest elevator brands "Thyssenkrupp elevator. Each guest room covers at least 45 square meters. In addition, as soon as you get here, you can have a good view of the luxurious lobby decorated with classic extinct annatto family property, furniture, rare rosewood and  the world luxury car---Lamborghini, Rolls-  Royce, Lincoln, and Hummer.  each guest room covers 45 square meters. We always chase the  waythe way “make the difference, experience the difference”  for” for the worldwide top-level service quality . quality. In conclusion, quiet and comfortable environment here will deduce the second ideal home for you.

The job:

1 Department: Vice Manager in the lobby, reception, concierge, guest service center

Not limited to men and women, college degree or above, above of female height4000px, above of male height 4250px, the image of good temperament, good level inEnglish.

2, the catering department: supervisor, foreman, the waiter (in Western-style food,restaurant, gym, conference center), member,

The member that send dish, usher

The men and women do not limit, above of female height 3950px, above of maleheight 4200px. Have a good sense of teamwork.

3, the marketing department: Sales Manager

The men and women do not limit, above of female height 4000px, above of maleheight 4250px. Outgoing, good at communication, the image of good temperament,dare to challenge high salary.

4 the human resources department: Training Officer, clerk

Not limited to men and women, college degree or above, have basic oral English,strong writing skills, good communication and organization skills, 1 years or above related working experience preferred.

5 the housekeeping department: housekeeping, laundry staff, public area cleaner

Men and women are not limited, strong learning ability, has the good team consciousness.

6 Security: Security Officer

Male, height 170CM above, veteran is preferred.

The 7 summer intern, part-time

Above of female height 3950px, above of male height 4200px, interested in the hotel industry, strong learning ability, has the good team consciousness; part-time 7 yuan / hour.

All the posts, are to enjoy the perfect training system and occupation career development and promotion mechanism, 8 hours, the month rests 6 days, 5 free board and lodging, insurance, paid annual leave and paid more than 1.5 year-end bonus, once employ, treatment liberally.

In Jiang Hong, you will:

Future smile, enjoy the Jianghong occupation career

Address: the people of Chongqing city Yongchuan District Road No. 589

Contact phone: 023-49666666, the human resources department

Part-time total group: 183735858


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